As much to announce it immediately: there is no real secret to become a god of the guitar. However, there are a some points that you can focus on on a regular basis to improve your game. In fact, if you look closely, this may be the secret to success, and here they are!

Set goals when learning guitar

Why learn guitar  ? To compose? To improve a specific aspect of your music? To learn to play a particular piece? For fun?

Playing without a goal is usually not productive if you really want to gain a certain level. Repeating, having previously defined objectives to be achieved and then defining the next steps to be taken, makes it possible to become aware of the progress made. It is therefore an excellent source of motivation that will inspire you to surpass yourself. Try to apply this method daily and you will quickly see the result ! However, be careful not to set too high goals for your level, you would be discouraged. All is to progress gradually and at your own pace.

To work on your musical technique: memory and repetition

Ideally, everyone would like to play faster and especially more fluently when learning to play the guitar . Playing fast will push other musicians to consider you as a real shoe size, and for you it will be really rewarding!

However, there is no real secret to play fast. To acquire a good musical technique and be comfortable with your musical instrument, you have to work and spend time in the long run. Regularity is the key word that will give you the best results.

Of course, basketball goes much further than 3-point shooting, however, if you dedicate the same time as Lebron James to train for this type of shot, there would be no difference between our performances, because making baskets is a technique that is learned and is rarely innate. Being an amazing basketball player is an art and sometimes a gift, but knowing how to shoot is not. It’s exactly the same in music, even if you’re lucky to have a gift, there’s always a time when you have to practice more to make progress.

To complete his guitar game

Focus on exercises where you feel the least comfortable and those who are most difficult. The sooner you have passed, the faster you will progress!

Workout without a headset

A good musician must understand the effect that his music produces through a physical space. Your musical choices as well as your technique will be directly related to the way you play. Playing with a headphone is convenient if, like many musicians you live in an apartment. You will find that the acoustics will be different.

Repeat the guitar in a group

Playing with a bunch of people is a great way to progress in guitar. In addition to the playfulness and the pleasure of creating and sharing together a common musical work, the music group allows you to find your place among other instruments. Playing in a music groupWhatever the style requires you to respect the pace, the height and be attentive to everything that happens. Unlike the solo game, if you make a mistake it’s all the group that suffers and, conversely, if another member commits one, it’s up to you to continue so that it passes the most unnoticed possible. As a guitarist, you need to find your balance between drums and bass and learn not to be distracted by other instruments, which is a good exercise in concentration.

The importance of the material and the choice of the guitar

It’s not the type of amp or guitar you use that will make you a better guitarist. Of course the material to its importance. The choice of his guitar and amps if you play the electric guitar is not to be taken lightly.

If you are new to the guitar, opt for a guitar with which you feel comfortable. Rhythmic guitar, rock, jazz and many models exist and you will find one that sublimate all your pieces!