Your Universal City AC Unit Can Affect Your Indoor Air Quality of Your Home

Your air conditioner can affect the quality of air inside your room, if you have not got it serviced regularly and shut yourself inside the room to avoid external heat. Your air conditioner will not provide you fresh air if its air ducts and filters are clogged with dust and dirt. Moreover, if the services of your air conditioning unit are not availed well in time even then it will affect the quality of air inside your room by circulating pet dander, pollen, debris, and dirt in it.

How Does Your Air Conditioning System Improve The Indoor Air Of Your Universal City Home?

Your air conditioning unit can affect the quality of the air you breathe in your home or room due to its dirty and clogged filters. The filter of an AC has to trap and remove particulates from the air before giving cool air into your room. The dust and bacteria collected in the filter will travel into your home through ducts with the cold air if the filter is not cleaned are replaced well in time. It will ultimately make the air inside your room unhealthy.

Moreover, your AC also controls the level of humidity inside your home. But when the level of moisture outside is high then your air conditioning unit may not be able to remove entire moisture from your room. This excessive moisture can help in increasing the growth of dust mites and mildews in your home.

How Does A Brand New Air Conditioner Help Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

Though you can improve the quality of indoor air to some extent by availing it services well on time and cleaning or replacing its filter regularly and frequently still the best option is to replace the old AC with a new one. The main reason for replacing the old AC is the advancement in technologies. When you buy a new AC then you will be using a device with the latest technologies that you may not get in your old AC in any condition. Seek professional HVAC advice from expert technicians about installation, repairs, maintenance, and indoor air quality. Your new air conditioning unit will not only improve the quality of indoor air by filtering it more effectively but also reduce your power consumption bills and increase your comfort level. Its new filtration system help in eliminating dust, pollen, airborne pollutants, bacteria, and mold from your air supplied in your home more effectively.



How Can Dirty Filters Cause Hypersensitivity?

If you have not changed or cleaned the filter of your air conditioning unit then it will not only affect the quality of indoor air but also cause allergies. The filter of your AC is responsible to trap dust and other pollutants it receives with the outdoor air it takes in. If it is not cleaned or replaced regularly then it will be cluttered with allergens like pollen and pet dander etc. along with dust mites. When these tiny intruders enter into your room with cold air then they can cause various types of allergies like sneezing, watery nose, and eyes, itching, headaches, and coughing, etc.

So, to avoid such health issues you should avail AC services and replace or clean its dusty filter after every 1-2 months.